Changing Card Processor (Acquirer)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

If you are happy with your current gateway and dont want to spend the time to integrate to a new one often we will recommend you stay with your current Gateway eg Sagepay and just change acquirer for the maximum cost benefit.

The process to change your acquirer is quite simple, once we have received your merchant statement from your current processor we will then analyse this and source some proposals from our senior contacts at the acquirers which will show you the savings and also any recommendations for new technology that could streamline you payments process.

The next stage is to get a new merchant account from the acquirer which we guide you through and then once approved within a few days we will then assist you with changeover.

The Changeover

If not changing gateway this is a very simple process of contacting your gateway to change the merchant number that they have on their system. We work closely with all the major providers and will often do this for you. The Payment gateway will do some testing on the new merchant number for a few days then they will change it over. Once transactions are going through the new merchant number you can give notice to cancel the old merchant number which will be kept open for a month in case there is any issues (we have never seen any issues in 10 years)

The only difference you will then notice is that a different company will be paying you your daily funds and you will receive a different (much lower) bill every month for the charges.

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