Payment Gateways and Acquirers

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

We get asked a lot what is the difference between our Payment Gateway and our acquirer.

The Payment gateway is the software that integrates to your website that your customers will see when they go to pay whether this redirects to the Gateway site or is embedded using an API into your own code. In the UK the most popular gateway is Sagepay and you will normally pay a set pence fee per transaction.

The acquirer is the bank which actually processes the payments. This is where you pay rates to Visa and Mastercard and where costs are highest and also where you can save the most. In the UK the largest acquirers are Worldpay, Barclaycard, Elavon, Global Payments and First Data.

Changing your acquirer is very easy as this is just a change of merchant number whilst changing you gateway will often involve some integration work.

“Changing our acquirer was a very easy process and saved us £5000 per year"

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